Pear Cake without Baking


• Sugar – 70g;
• Butter – 60 g;
• Sunflower seeds – 50 g;
• Walnut – 50 g;
• Oat Flakes – 80 g;
• Dark chocolate – 80 g;
• Refined vegetable oil – 1 tbsp;
• Pear (for syrup) – 400 g;
• Water (for syrup) – 400 ml;
• Sugar (for syrup) – 100 g;
• Gelatin (for gelatin layer) – 10 g;
• Cinnamon sticks (for syrup) – to your taste;
• Juice of half a lemon (for gelatin layer) – to your taste;
• Powdered sugar (for Swiss meringue) – 80 g;
• Egg whites (for Swiss meringue) – 2 pc;
• Gelatin (for Swiss meringue) – 5 g.
• Blue grapes decor


Making pear syrup:
1. Melt the sugar until browned, cover with water, add cinnamon, pear and cook for half an hour.
Preparation of the bottom cake:
2. Fry nuts in a hot dry frying pan, add the sunflower seeds and oats.
3. Gradually add sugar, stirring for it to be distributed and melted evenly.
4. Add small amounts of butter (30 g) to melted sugar mixture. Fry the mixture, stirring until the sugar has melted completely. Put 1/4 of muesli aside for decorating dishes.
5. Melt the chocolate with butter (30 g) and vegetable oil using bain-marie. Then mix it with the main part of warm muesli.
6. Put the mixture in a baking dish and form a cake. Then leave the form in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
Preparation of gelatin layer:
7. Soak gelatin in the cold water; then dissolve in hot pear syrup. Add the lemon juice. Cool jelly in an ice bath.
8. Dice pears and put on the cooled cake. Pour the pear jelly on top. Leave the cake in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.